A complete offering

GEOSATIS offers a secure, reliable, convenient and cost-effective full range electronic monitoring solution (ankle bracelet, indoor base station, victim protection device, monitoring software & mobile app, and predictive analytics services) for enhanced public safety, successful offender rehabilitation and reduced recidivism – using Swiss precision, quality and innovation.

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Location tracking

The GEOSATIS electronic bracelet is the most secure, reliable and convenient GPS/RF one-piece ankle bracelet on the market – combining a unique, robust and easy to use toroidal shape design with state-of-the-art secure and precise geo-localisation technologies.

Home curfew

The GEOSATIS base station offers the functionality to locate an offender indoors using a radio frequency link to connect to the electronic ankle bracelet. It also allows the offender and the supervisor to maintain a closer relationship using video calls, text messages and shared calendars.

Victim protection

The GEOSATIS victim protection device has been designed in the context of domestic violence in order to ensure that the person under protection will feel safe at all times and will never be faced with his/her offender again.

Management & surveillance

The GEOSATIS monitoring software is a web-based application that allows the management and supervision of offenders during the entire rehabilitation process. It also comes in a mobile application version enabling supervisors to continue to perform their job on the go.

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Disclaimer: the products and features described in the above videos may differ from the currently available ones.